This year our school have introduced a new way of teaching humanities through topics across the school. Cornerstones is a scheme of work that has been has been developed to ensure that you will have full coverage of the National Curriculum. Each lesson is linked to an essential skill and English is integral to all topics, giving children the opportunity to use their reading, writing and language skills across the curriculum.
What are the main principles?
Every topic is introduced with a memorable experience or a trip as a hook into the learning to engage children. Each topic also has an innovative challenge to work towards as the weeks progress. 
Every topic across the school is taught alongside the cornerstone's principles: starting with the engage stage, developing the learning, exploring the innovating challenge and then expressing what the children have learned and enjoyed. 
It uses History, Geography and Science as the main drivers but plans for wide coverage of creative and expressive Art, D.T., Music and Dance. Each topic links directly to History, Geography or Science knowledge, building on existing skills and understanding to ensure that learning is progressive and continuous.
See our whole school curriculum overview.

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