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Modern Foreign Languages

At St Charles we are keen to promote the study of a foreign language because of its increasing importance in the modern world. We want to embed language learning into our curriculum. This has been recognised in the National Curriculum where the Government’s strategy for languages recognises that language learning has an important part to play in general education at primary level.

Foreign language learning introduces children to the sounds and structures of a new language at an age when they are receptive to this, and stimulates their curiosity and imitative abilities. It develops knowledge of other countries and promotes positive attitudes towards other cultures and speakers of other languages.

We teach French across KS2 following the North Tyneside scheme of work. Every unit is taught alongside our core principles: starting with the enquire stage to ignite enthusiasm and passion into their new topic by listening to vocabulary and conversations. We explore and develop the language and language learning skills to enable children to understand and in turn, embed their learning. This then allows them to confidently communicate in another language, sharing and expressing what they have learnt and enjoyed. An early start can provide a strong and motivating basis for further learning in Key Stage 3.

 Unit 1: ‘Je parle français!’

Unit 2: ‘Je me présente’

Unit 3: ‘Moi et Ma Famille’ 

Unit 4: ‘Les Animaux’

Unit 5: ‘Mon Anniversaire’

Unit 6: ‘Le Monde’

Unit 7: ‘Mon école et moi’

Unit 8: ‘Qu’est-ce que tu veux?’

Unit 9: ‘Les Sports’

Unit 10: ‘Les Vêtements’

Unit 11: ‘J’habite’

Unit 12: ‘Un pays francophone’ 

Alongside these North Tyneside units, we aim to integrate the French language into the everyday curriculum where possible e.g. through History and Geography work, numbers in Maths, directions in PE etc.