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Thursday 20 January


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle have been blown away by the children’s work and understanding this week so well done everyone!


In maths we have been doing some fantastic counting to 10 both forwards and backwards. We used the numicon to help us as we ordered the shapes into a number line. We have also been getting much better with our numeral recognition.


Instead of Literacy this week, we have been focusing on science. We completed our first science experiment which makes us mini scientists. We were asked “What do bears do in winter?” We used hot water bottles to check if fur, fat (hot water bottle cover) and sleeping in a cave (box) on leaves would keep it warmer. We made predictions before we started the experiment and then checked at the end to see if we had predicted correctly. We blew our teachers socks off when we could remember the word ‘hibernation’. See if they can still remember at home or how long a bear does sleep (6 months if you don’t know).


In RE we decorated our own Church celebration scene and could remember lots about the celebrations of a wedding and a baptism.


We went to the library for our first time this week and were the quietest, most behaved class ever! We hope you have enjoyed sharing these books at home. We love reading in Nursery so much that one sunnier day we went to the Forest School for our snack and story time. It wasn’t as warm as we thought so we (the children) decided not to do this again for a while.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  


Thursday 13 January 
Another busy week for us! We have had lots of fun learning about who lives at the North and South Pole. We looked at what was the same and different about our lives and their lives. We are loving learning about winter but wish the weather was colder with some snow to make it more wintery. Next week we will be doing a science experiment linked to bears and hibernation as part of our science topic. 
We have been continuing learning about 'more, less and same'. We are getting really good at recognising numbers and learning which ones mean more or less. Next week we will be continuing to learn about numbers
We have loved seeing some people's celebrations on Tapestry. Please continue to share experiences outside of Nursery on there for us to see and share. Real life experiences are always great ways to learn. 
We wish you a wonderful weekend! 
Miss Salter and Miss Doyle 

Thursday 6 January


Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had a wonderful winter break. Welcome to our new Nursery starters who have just joined us this week. We have been settling back in this week or exploring the new classroom and outside space.


Our topic this half term will be around winter and the north and south pole so we have been loving having the icy weather to explore how ice feels, what it looks like and how it can be slippery to walk on. We have been reading Lost and Found to start us off! We have been wondering how it would feel to be lonely like the penguin.


We are revisiting more and less in maths as we develop our number pattern knowledge. Maybe you could practise this at home by counting and recognising numbers. We have been learning a sentence to help us -“There are more (oranges) than (boats)”.


Our RE topic is called celebrations so we have been learning about new years eve this week. It would be great to see and hear about your new year eves via tapestry. We will be looking at different celebrations over this topic so if you have any celebrations happening, please let us know as it makes the learning more relevant for the children,


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 16 December 
WOW! We can't believe that we have finished our first whole term in Nursery. How fantastic has it been - we've all had lots of fun. This week we have been having lots of Christmas fun and been busy elves finishing off all our secret Christmas surprises for you all. We hope you love them! We had a special visitor on Thursday come to give us all a treat - do you agree that we have been good? We had lots of fun playing games and dancing at our party. 
Miss Salter and Miss Doyle hope you all have a well deserved rest and enjoy your Christmas break. Please stay safe, especially if we do have snow. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! See you in 2022. 
Miss Salter and Miss Doyle

Thursday 9 December


What superstars everyone has been for our wonderful Nativity! In RE we looked at the Nativity story and continued learning about advent and waiting for the birth of Jesus. We are really good at retelling the key parts of the story so have been doing some fantastic listening during our practices.


We have been busy doing some secret Christmas surprises and we are all so excited to share these with you next week. We have been loving all the arts and crafts and we think you’ll love our calendars!


We have been sharing Christmas stories all week in literacy to help us learn how to hold books, discuss what we see happening and also if we liked or disliked the story. It was lovely to talk about the similarities and differences between how we celebrate Christmas in our own houses. It would be great to see you sharing stories at home with family or friends – send pictures on Tapestry.


We continued learning about measurement, looking at how big or small objects are. We have been so good at this that we have been comparing objects to say “the teddy is bigger than the crayon” or “the pencil is smaller than the table”. We blew Miss Salter and Miss Doyle’s socks off by even ordering objects into size order going from biggest to smallest! Maybe you could order some objects at home and share pictures on Tapestry.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  


Thursday 2 December


Christmas has arrived in Nursery! We have loved having our classroom decorated with the Christmas tree, Christmas activities, Christmas themed tuff trays and fairy lights in the reading area. We would love to see pictures of your trees at home as we have loved talking about them in Nursery.

We helped Miss Salter create our first story map to help us tell the Nativity story. We were really good at retelling the story using this to help us. We have been talking lots about Baby Jesus as we are learning about advent in RE. We loved seeing the advent wreath pictures as well as the one on our table in the Holy Hall. We loved it so much that we made our own in the classroom to help us count down and prepare for Christmas. Each week we will add a yellow flame to a candle.

We have started looking at measurement in Maths talking about objects being ‘big, small, bigger, smaller’. We practised our cutting skills to find different sized toys to describe. Maybe you could find big or small objects at home.

Everyone has been saying how good our singing is for the Nativity so well done if you have been singing at home. Next week we will be filmed so you won’t have long to wait to see it!

For our last few weeks before Christmas we are busy doing some fun, secret Christmas surprises so do please try and come into Nursery everyday so you don’t miss out.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 25 November

Nursery have been looking at instructions this week. We have followed some exercise videos, followed some clapping to different beats in music, made biscuits following a recipe, pretended to be pirates following a treasure map and got to play with the Bee-Bots. W      e loved having these to use and looked after them very carefully. We read Press Here to help us understand instructions. We absolutely loved this book and loved making the magic happen each time we read it but only if we listened and followed the instructions carefully. We had to “rub, tap, press, clap, tilt, shake and blow.” Next week we are going to be learning about the Nativity story to help us get ready for Christmas.


In maths we have been talking about ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘same’. We have looked at these with different objects in the classroom. We started to use sentences in maths to help us explain – there are more oranges than bananas or there are more green dots than red dots. Next week we are going to start looking at measurement.


In RE we have started our advent learning and our new topic of ‘Birthdays’ as we prepare for Jesus birthday. We loved having candles and cake cases in the playdough to make cakes. We also sang happy birthday and had a pretend party.


We also got to practise our Nativity on the stage, We have loved seeing all the costumes so far. Please send yours in if you haven’t already and speak to us if you need any help with the costume. We need these for some secret jobs as well as for the Nativity.  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 18 November


Nursery have been trying hard this week to do at least 1 good thing a day as part of anti-bullying week. They have been doing well in school with this so we hope they have been doing this at home as well. We talked about what we can do to be kind such as kind words, sharing, looking after each other, kind words and being friends with everyone. This has linked to RE as we have finished looking at “Welcome” where we learnt we are part of God’s family, Nursery family and St Charles’ family.


We have loved learning about houses and where we live. This week we have all been busy builders as we created our own houses for people, animals, cars and characters from the Gruffalo. We hope you have loved seeing our creations on Tapestry.


In maths we have started our number pattern topic. We have been looking at ‘more’ ‘less’ and ‘same’ when counting. We have loved singing 10 green bottles to help us learn our numbers. If you want to help us at home, you could start looking at numerals and seeing if you can recognise any – helping with shopping is good as there are numbers everywhere in shops!


For our Children in Need dance, we have turned into superheroes. We love this dance in Nursery so here is the link if you would like to show families at home


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 11 November


Nursery have been on a journey this week… we went on a bear hunt! We had to go through long grass, a river, some mud, a forest, a snowstorm and into a cave. Luckily we all made it back to Nursery safely. We linked this into our science learning this term of what can my hands feel? We impressed Miss Salter and Miss Doyle with the adjectives we chose for our journey; “squishy, oozy, slippery, hard, soft, bumpy, rough, cold, wet”.


In maths this week we continued looking at shapes but this time we had to sort them. We sorted into squares and not squares, blue shapes and not blue shapes, circles and not circles. We sorted some washing out into colours and patterns as well so maybe they could help you at home with this in real life.


In RE we learnt how we are welcomed into the Church and looked at Baptism. We role-played a baptism and took it in turns to be the godparents or the priest.


We also learnt about Remembrance Day. We made poppy biscuits, decorated some medals and made a poppy wreath. We stayed very still for the 2 minute silence at 11am.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 4 November


Welcome back after the half term; it’s been lovely to see everyone again. This week has been busy as we had to learn about Diwali and Bonfire Night as well as our literacy and numeracy.


We have loved watching some firework displays from around the world to help us learn. We listened out for the sounds they make, talked about special foods we might eat at the displays and what we would need to wear (hats, gloves, a coat) and why. Miss Salter and Miss Doyle were impressed with our fire safety knowledge – we know not to run, to listen to adults carefully, to have a bucket of sand or water near by to put the hot sparklers in when we have finished and to wear gloves.


We looked at the similarities and differences between Diwali, Bonfire Night and other celebrations we know such as Christmas and birthdays. We know that for Diwali special clothes are worn, houses and Temples are decorated and special food is eaten. We didn’t know that fireworks are also set off for Diwali and that it is also called the Festival of Light. We really enjoyed making our own Diya’s (lamps) which helped Rama and Sita get back home in the story of Diwali.


Our numeracy this week has been on shape. We have been very good at spotting different shapes around us, such as doors, windows and clocks. Maybe you could be a shape detective and see what shapes you can see at home or when you are out at the park.


Our literacy this week focused on The Gruffalo and the different houses in the story. We really impressed Miss Salter and Miss Doyle with our knowledge of where so many different animals lived.


We have started our new RE topic “Welcome” where we looked at how we were welcomed to St Charles' school. We made welcome posters to make us all feel welcomed and part of the school. We will be looking at being welcomed into the church next week.


Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 21 October


WOW! What an amazing first half term we have had in Nursery. We can’t believe it is the holidays already. What another fun filled, busy week we have had in Nursery. It was MADD (Music, Art, Drama and Dance) week in school so we have been focused on these skills this week. Our theme was nature and we were asked to look at the artist Andy Warhol. He loved using lots of different bright colours and simple patterns in his work. We were asked to look at printing as our technique to learn.


We learnt a new song called Autumn Leaves to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down. We listened to different weather sounds and drew what we heard – we all loved doing this and asked to do it again. We have been keeping active with lots of autumn and nature themed movement breaks throughout the day. As a treat, we also did the superhero GoNoodle dance as it is our favourite! We did lots of different printing – with apples, potatoes and even our feet. The feet were the most fun and popular as we wanted to just eat the apples.


As part of MADD week, we were asked to make a final piece which would be our best art ever. Everyone has been so impressed with how good ours are as we were all very neat with our painting and printing.


Have a wonderful half term! Keep yourselves wrapped up warm and safe please. Feel free to put pictures on Tapestry of all the things you get up to over the half term so that we can see them.


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  


Thursday 14 October


What a busy week we have had in Nursery, especially Wednesday when we had 3 different things happening! We had the school photographer in, it was our Commando Joe's day and we had a special visitor in the afternoon.


Our Commando Joe's day was based on the character Sophie Self-Awareness and our mission was based on If You're Happy and You Know It. We worked hard as a team to complete 3 missions and earn our certificate. We loved CJ the Bear and learning how to keep calm, stay resilient and also have fun.


The Zoolab visit helped us end our Autumn focus. We listened to a story about Ben and Dream, his dog. They went on an adventure where they met lots of animals like Turbo the large African snail, Juliet the snake, Tilly the tarantula, Matilda and Fred the cockroaches and Pixie and Trixie the rats. We were all very brave and either held or touched the animals. Miss Salter and Miss Doyle did not like meeting Tilly who thankfully stayed in her cage.  


Next week we will be learning about Halloween and also doing our first MADD week. This is a week focused on music, art and DT, dance and drama. Read next week's blog to find out more.


Have a fantastic weekend!

 Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 7 October


Nursery have loved our Autumn focus this week! We have been busy exploring the Forest School on an Autumn treasure hunt for natural objects. We made an autumn tree together from leaves we found, had a sensory tuff tray filled with different objects like acorns and conkers, made an autumn picture, created hand painted hedgehogs and loved listening to Percy the Park Keeper stories. Nursery all helped make some playdough which we shared with the Reception class. We chose autumnal colours to match the colours of the leaves we have seen when outside. In Maths we continued to count to 5 by singing our favourite counting song “5 little men in a flying saucer” so maybe you could sing this at home with your adults. We impressed Miss Salter and Miss Doyle by going to find the right number of objects when given a numeral – they loved seeing what we brought back to represent the numerals. In RE we started our Judaism focus and made menorahs. We talked about special days and how celebrations are similar/different in other religions.


Have a fantastic weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

Thursday 30 September 2021


Nursery have had a fun week learning all about our families and how they are the same but also different. We have loved looking at pictures of our families that people have sent in. If you didn’t bring one in you still can this week. Nursery went on our first "Wellie Walk" around the school grounds to practice our good listening and to spend some time outdoors. The children all loved running around and having races with each other. They also started to talk about Autumn which will be our next focus. If you go on a walk and find anything like a conker or an acorn, bring it in or share a picture on Tapestry for us to show in class as we are fascinated with natural objects. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  

 Thursday 23 September 


We are both so proud of how well Nursery have coped with their first full week and with staying for lunches.They have all been ‘Super Duper’ like in the book we have been reading for our literacy work this week. The children have had lots of fun talking about what makes us unique and creating our self portraits using the natural resources.

Singing 5 speckled frogs was very popular to help us with our counting to 5 using our fingers and puppets.

They have had their first RE lesson where they talked about their names and how God knows each of them. They have also been practising sitting quietly with our hands together in front of our hearts during the prayers.

Next week we will be talking about families so could you please send in a photograph of your child and their family.

Miss Salter and Miss Doyle  



Thursday 16 September


What another fantastic transition week we are having in Nursery. We are busy making lots of new friends and learning to talk about our shared interests such as Paw Patrol, animals and cars. The adults are very impressed with the children’s social and communication skills, which are improving every day. Some children have even started to help hand out snacks by asking their friends if they would like some milk or fruit. Our manners are lovely as we are all saying pleases and thank yous. Some of us had our snack in the dinner hall to help us prepare for lunches next week. All the children loved this and have asked to do it again. Don’t forget to talk about what makes you all unique and special as we will be all sharing these in school this week. We can’t wait until everybody is in together for week 3. Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Salter and Miss Doyle