Our Team

Mrs Louise Nealings

Head Teacher and Designated Person for Child Protection

Mrs Carrie Higgins

Deputy Head Teacher and Designated Person for Child Protection

Ms Grace Owens

Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs Tammie Bickle

Year 1 Class Teacher, Early Years and SENCo

Miss Millie Elsdon

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Kaye Binney

Year 6 Class Teacher, Key Stage 2 Leader

Miss Aimee Wigglesworth

Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss Rachel Bell

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Julie Kelly

Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Sara Kane

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Lorraine Damti

Class Teacher - Non Class Based

Mrs Emma Clasper


Mrs Tracey Ambrose

School Business Manager

Mrs Louise MacLellan

Administrative Assistant

Fr Bill Agley

Parish Priest

Miss Sophia Elizabeth

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Haley

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nazma Khanum

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Angela McCabe

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Christine Shuttle

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Leanne Walsham

Teaching Assistant

Ms Kali Kaur

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sylvia Ewart

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Joanne Parks

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Cheryl Branighan

Luchtime Supervisor

Mrs Teresa Wheatley


Mr Peter Riddell

Facility Supervisor

T. 0191 285 2553 E. admin@stcharles.newcastle.sch.uk A.Regent Farm Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3HE