School Council

Election Day
Thursday 8th June 2017 was Election day and the School Council delivered an informative assembly to the whole school to help us to understand the election process more clearly. They explained how you have to be over 18 to vote but this is a part to be played in our democratic process. They also explained how to vote and who could be voted for. They also showed a video which explained how pupil views count within our school community.
School library fund raiser - Guess the baby competition
We have organised pupils to bring in photographs of themselves as a baby and then challenged ourselves to guess who they were. We even had some of the teachers photographs too.
Our aim was to raise money for our school library for future improvements.
School library fundraising cake sale 13.2.17
Thank you all for your generous and scrumptious cake donations for our sale. We are delighted to share with you that we raised £150. These funds will go towards  updating our school library.
From Westminster to Gosforth!
We were delighted to have Catherine McKinnell our local Catholic MP visit our school on Friday 20th January 2017. The School Council met with Mrs McKinnell prior to her assembly. This is what her visit meant to some of us:
"I liked it and it helped me do my part being a school council rep" Emily
"It made me think that an MP's job is interesting" Elin
"I enjoyed the MP answering the questions we had for her and I think it will help me be a better school councillor" Ben
"She taught me more about being an MP because I am a school council member and an MP is similar" Ibrahim
"I really enjoyed her answering the questions fully. It helps me to understand what an MP does.This will really help me being on the school council" Charlotte
"I enjoyed it when we asked her questions and when I learnt what happens when you are an MP. It was really interesting to meet her because I learnt a lot, such as how important it is to represent the school as a school councillor" Adriana
MP Visit to St Charles' - January 2017
We are delighted that our local Catholic MP Catherine McKinnell will be visiting our school at the end of January 2017. She will meet our Junior Leadership team and share her experiences as a Catholic MP. Our Junior Leadership team will give her a tour of our school and have the opportunity to ask questions which will help them in their leadership role within school for their peers.

Please visit our new Blog page to receive regular updates on our latest missions for our school!


School Council have been busy counting the votes for the preferred design for the school library. Design number 5 was the most popular! We will begin sharing ideas and working with the PTA to get some plans for our library.

Below are our most recent meeting minutes so that can see what we are presently working on for our school.

We now have a new blog which we are sharing with the Eco council which will be updated with the latest news from our meetings. Please take some time to look at it over the coming months to find out what we are up to.

This week we also received some plans from Mrs Histed to improve our Junior playground. In the coming weeks we will be sharing these ideas with you all to see  if we can add to the playtime experience for the older children. This will mean active fundraising!


 The School Council 


Welcome back from your summer break. My name is Mrs Hill and I am the new teacher representative for the School Council. The School Council is the voice of the children. The Council consists of two representatives from across the school from Year 1 to Year 6.

We have just appointed our new representatives for the school year 2016 -2017. The successful candidates were elected via an exciting democratic vote following carefully planned and delivered manifestos. Congratulations to the elected children and I look forward to working with you as we make improvements for the school and community.

The Council meets at least once every month where they review projects with a strong pupil voice that contribute to school improvement.

Being a School Councillor provides the opportunity to learn real-life skills, take on responsibilities and be involved in decision making, representing the views of their peers. In the last academic year the council dealt with playtime games, buddy bench project, fundraising projects and how to be a good friend.

We have many exciting new ventures to support and fund-raise for this year and we will work closely with our Eco Council and Mini Vinnies.

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