Year 3

Happy New Year
During this lockdown, blogs will not be updated weekly while we continue to teach in school and deliver home learning. I hope you understand. We look forward to welcoming all the children back soon.

Homework in Year 3

Maths: Mathletics is set every Monday and is due the following Monday.

Times Tables Rockstars: Year 3 now have access to Times Table Rockstars (using their previous login details which have been stuck in the back of their reading records) and Miss Bell will set challenges each Monday (Garage - Teacher Set) and this will need to be completed by the following Friday.

English (Grammar): This is set via Teams every Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.

English (Spelling): Spellings are stuck into the spelling homework books at the start of each term. Each week, children are to practise the spellings for the week by completing the 3 boxes in their spelling books and writing a sentence for each spelling.
This work is set on a Friday and due the following Friday.

Reading: Children should be reading daily and record this in their yellow reading records. Children can record a range of books from home, the school library and the colour band books from school.

Friday 18th December

Well, what a jam packed week!

We’ve had our GEM Education workshop, a visit from Santa, Christmas lunch, Forest school and party day! Non-stop fun J!

We have been joined for the past week by Jangle our class elf...He completed his 14-day isolation period don’t worry! Today he brought his disco ball in today for our party and we used it for our little class disco!

The children had a fantastic afternoon with Miss Owens in Forest school. We discussed the different habitats found there and the different animals or creatures we might find. The children then used clay to sculpt their chosen animals. This was a very messy afternoon but the children did an amazing job! Check out the pictures below.

I can’t quite believe we’re almost at the end of our Autumn term…time has flown by!

2 days to go!


Miss Bell x

Friday 27th November

This week we have enjoyed spiritual art in RE for our new topic ‘Visitors’. We discussed the different visitors who are welcome in our lives at home and at school. We have also had a great afternoon in Forest school.

Listen to what we had to say...

“We all really liked building our own obstacle courses,” – Indy

“We made two sides and we put them together to make a hurdle jump, it was good!” – Nyrel

 “I really liked holding the big stick over the fire!” – Koray

“We had to make sure we were on one knee to safely balance. We also had to make sure we were following the rules to stay safe.” - Amѐlie

 “We took turns to roast marshmallows on the fire to have with a little biscuit. It was a nice and tasty treat!” – Ellie

We created a lovely card to celebrate Mrs Higgins’ birthday today- we had a good old dance!
In French this week we looked at some new classroom instructions …

Why don't you have a go of playing at home:

Jacques a dit…

(Simon said…)

Have a great weekend! 

Friday 20th November
This week has been a busy one!
We celebrated 'Anti-Bullying Week' with our odd sock day on Monday and a fun filled afternoon today! We discussed bullying and how we can help prevent this. The children worked really hard creating jigsaw pieces for our new display explaining what they will do to stop bullying. 
We also took part in NSPCC's Speak Out. Stay safe. online programme with Ant and Dec. We discussed different places, people and things that make us feel safe and who we can talk to if we don't. 
We have completed our fantastic newspaper reports on the crash in the playground...take a look at some pictures of our work below! 
Remember to check the Homework section above if you're unsure on any due dates for work. 
Have a great weekend :) Miss Bell x
Did you hear about the terrible crash in our school's playground? 
Watch our news report and read our reports to find out more information...

Friday 13th November

This week we began our new non-fiction topic in English. We have been exploring newspaper reports and looking at the different features included ready to write our own.
We’ve had great lessons organising newspaper reports and then becoming news reporters ourselves; we wrote a short script and presented the scripts to the class!

In Science we discussed and wrote up our plan for our next experiment, testing the friction of different surfaces. In DT we designed parts of our final product, which is a mechanical poster and annotated our designs.

We ended our week celebrating Children in Need with a great dress up day! Is was lovely to see everyone’s pyjamas and we had a very cosy day in class!

Have a great weekend :)

Friday 6th November
Friday 9th October

We have begun our new ‘Other Faiths’ topic in RE this week. We learnt all about Judaism through our focus on places of worship. We discussed features of a synagogue and the different symbols inside.
Can you remember what boys must wear inside a synagogue?

Next week we are hosting a zoom call with the United Hebrew Congregation to ask questions and find out more about the faith. Unfortunately, we can’t go for a visit this year with the current situation, but we’re all looking forward to our zoom.
 In Science with Miss Hamer the children looked all the different bones in a skeleton and had a go trying to rebuild their own- such fun!
Can you name any bones?
In English, the children wrote their own narratives based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can’t believe how good they are; I’ve been completely blown away. I’m 100% sure we have some young authors in this class who will go on to write some unbelievable stories in the future :)  

We have ended our week with our ‘Brighten Up’ day to celebrate the harvest and to raise money for CAFOD! Year 3 were super colourful and energetic today, we’ve had a great time!
Year 3, you have worked really hard this week, I am very proud of you all! 

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Bell x

Friday 2nd October

This week, it was Year 3’s turn to visit Forest school with Miss Owens.
Our challenge was to make a bird’s nest, it had to be warm and balanced off the ground. The children had such a good time exploring the different locations around the forest school and finding materials they could use.
I wonder what our next challenge will be?

In English we have begun our new topic, we’re looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Have you read this book by Roald Dahl?
It’s great! 
We’ve enjoyed writing character descriptions and setting descriptions of the wonderful chocolate room. It made us all very hungry! Next week we will be creating our own setting and writing our own narratives based on this storyline.
In RHE, our objective was ‘Anchoring Anxiety’. We discussed and shared the different emotions and feelings we have all experienced during the coronavirus pandemic and began to discuss effective strategies to support us with managing these feelings.
Finally, we held our school council elections. The children read out reasons why they should be chosen and how they could help the school. I have counted all the class votes and the results will be revealed on Monday!

Have a good weekend, Miss Bell :) 

Friday 25th September

This week we have worked really hard in English with our instructions writing including imperative verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Some of us created some really gruesome recipes including slime, zombie toenails, rat tails and even some body parts!  
Can you tell someone in your household what an imperative verb is?


We've enjoyed developing control with our dribbling skills in hockey, ready to move onto incorporating dribbling and passing together next week. In Multi-skills this week we worked on balance and aim enjoying a really competitive game rolling the tennis balls onto cones to get the most points.


In RHE this week our objective was ‘Caring for Others’. The children began by focusing firstly on self-care; how they feel and what they like about themselves. We then discussed the feelings of others around them and identified what 'empathy' looks like. The children shared some lovely thoughts about emotions and feelings.

We finally celebrated European Language Day today looking at different languages spoken all over Europe during our French lesson. 
Do you know roughly how many different languages are spoken in London?

We've had sunshine, rain and blistering winds this week, I wonder what the weekend will bring... Have a lovely time!
Miss Bell 

Friday 18th September
Welcome to our Year 3 Blog!
This week, Year 3 have worked really hard and have completely settled into their new class routines! 
We’ve had a jam packed first two weeks and we are enjoying all of our topics so far :)

In PE, we have continued to work on static balances in our Multi-skills lesson and worked on push passing in Hockey. In RE, we began our ‘Homes’ topic with some wonderful spiritual art, we discussed some questions on our new display to get us thinking about what we enjoy most about our own homes. 
In Music we have been looking at crochets, quavers and rests. We have enjoyed clapping to the beats and hoping to use instruments next week! 
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 
Miss Bell

Welcome back!

Everyone has returned to school ready and raring to go, we’ve got lots of exciting things happening this term!

This week has been a busy one! We celebrated St Charles’ Feast Day on Wednesday by designing a new badge for our school because this year our Bishop Robert has decided to make a change. He has decided that Catholic schools in Hexham and Newcastle Diocese are all going to change their name and not use the ‘Roman’. So we will be called St. Charles’ Catholic Primary School. We had a great morning learning and what a ‘missionary’ is and enjoyed a nice treat in class!

In Forest School this week we enjoyed working together to create dream catchers using sticks and lashing wool. Some of us found this very tricky as keeping the sticks still whilst we tried to tie them together, but everyone helped each other and it was a success. Check out some of the pictures above! 

We have also had great fun with our two new PE lessons, badminton and bench ball. We began focusing on simple skills to get us started and had a great time working together and supporting each other. In DT our new topic is Mechanical posters, so we started off by making a mechanical shape with moving arms. This was so much fun!   

Enjoy your weekend. Miss Bell x

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