Year 4

Friday 16th October

Happy Friday Year 4, well done for all of your hard work this week.

In English, we have started to look at a range of instructional writing. We are looking forward to writing out instructions next week focusing on ‘How to make magical potions’. We have worked hard in maths calculating the inverse of operations and estimating calculations in order to check if our calculations are accurate. As always, we have then applied our understanding to help us solve tricky problem-solving and reasoning questions. In History, we have researched all about a significant individual – Boudicca. The children wrote an information text explain why Boudicca led an uprising and why she has been remembered to this day. The children found out some interesting facts and wrote lovely pieces of factual writing.

The children have been very reflective in RHE this week. We have listened to calming music and focused on our breathing. We have also discussed ways in which we can help to alleviate our worries and concerns by communicating with others.

P.S. A very special letter has arrived for Year 4… a mission awaits us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Thomas x

Friday 9th October
I can't believe we have been back at school for 5 weeks! It's flown by as we've had so much fun!
In English, we have written some fantastic adventure stories based upon the fictional classic, Alice in Wonderland. The children created their very own imaginative ending to the classic tale. In Maths, we have developed our arithmetic skills when adding and subtracting 4-digits numbers. We have then applied our knowledge when solving some tricky problem-solving and reasoning questions. In History, the children put themselves in the shoes of the Roman Soldiers and wrote a letter from their perspective to their families discussing how they were feeling, what they had to wear, training, tactics and the structure of the Roman army. They did a fantastic job! 
In R.E, we have started our Judaism topic and learnt all about the Torah. The children explored some readings and were able to explain how to assemble the Torah and how respect is shown towards the Torah. In Science, the children used scientific equipment to explore bugs and mini-beasts in their natural habitat highlighting where the creatures were found and why they were found here. Miss Hammer and the children found lots of woodlice, worms and slugs. In Art, the children learnt all about Pablo Picasso and recreated some of his beautiful artwork - they are lovely pieces of work Y4! 
In RHE, we have discussed the meaning of 'Self-esteem' and identified our favourite qualities about ourselves. A big congratulations to our elected school counsellors and Mini Vinnies' President, we can't wait to see what you do!
Have a fab weekend and I will see you on Monday,
Miss Thomas x
Friday 2nd October

Well done for another great week of learning Y4. You have all worked very hard, producing some lovely pieces of work!


In English, we have started writing our adventure stories using ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as a stimulus. The children have done a great job with their character and setting descriptions using a range of adjectives and fronted adverbials – well done!


In Maths, we have continued with our ‘Place Value’ topic, rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.


In History, the children have explored and researched the different reasons as to why the Romans invaded Britain. We produced some fantastic information sheets!


In R.E, we have come to the end of our topic about people and families. We celebrated our unit of learning with a reflective collective worship in the forest school area.


On Wednesday, the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the forest school area.

Well done Year 4!


Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday,

Miss Thomas

Friday 25th September

This week, Year 4 have worked hard and enjoyed another week of learning.


In English, we have produced some fantastic non-chronological reports about dragons. They have been dragon experts and produced some very descriptive pieces of writing. In Maths, the children have continued learning and applying their place value knowledge to problem-solving and reasoning questions.


In P.E, the children have developed both their hockey and multi-skills. We have also enjoyed our class assemblies and are already bringing in tins of food for Harvest. In Music, we have been reading music and clapping along to the beat of different songs. In RHE, we have discussed how we can show care and love towards friends, family and ourselves. As today is European Language Day, the children compared different languages that are spoken all across Europe.


Well done for a fantastic week of learning. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

Welcome to Year 4!
It has been lovely to get to know all of the children and welcome them back to school. We have had a great first week and the children have impressed me with their great efforts and enthusiasm towards their learning.

We have started our ‘Family’ topic in R.E and the children have enjoyed creating their ‘Family tree’ spiritual art. In RHE, we have discussed what different emotions we feel and how we respond to situations. 


Year 4 have been busy learning all about the Romans and they have created their own timelines. In English, the children have written their very own Kenning poems as well as beginning to write information texts all about dragons…scary! We have also enjoyed our Hockey and multi-skills lessons in P.E.


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for another great week!

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