Year 5

Week 7
Friday 23rd October

Can you believe it’s half term already?! We have achieved so much and have had lots of fun whilst doing so.


This week, we caught up on missed learning from year 4 summer term. In maths, we looked at statistics, completing our own bar and line graphs which represented discrete and continuous data. We then moved on to coordinates, plotting a variety of shapes on a grid and translating them to another area.


In English, we wrote our own diary entries, based on hook ‘The Alchemists Letter’. We applied skills developed in our narrative writing and continued to focus on building suspense. In our recounts, we included features such as: personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition and similes. We took what we imagined the t Alchemist’s emotions to be and brought them to life in our recounts using show not tell.


In forest school, we explored Anglo Saxon runes and created our own messages using natural resources before decoding our friends. Check out our work in the gallery below!


The highlight of our week was definitely our Commando Joe’s mission! Astronaut Tim Peake challenged us to create our own space suit using minimal resources - it also had to fit every member of each group inside. It wasn’t easy, especially when we were hit by meteoroid showers! Our second mission, was to build a communication tower. Again, there were many curve balls such as the children losing their ability to communicate orally – needless to say this was year 5’s greatest challenge! The real key to success was the application of character qualities such as: resilience, resourcefulness, teamwork, reasoning, reflectiveness and risk taking. We were all successful in this respect.


You have all worked so hard year 5. I hope you find ways to fill your half term with lots of fun and plenty of rest and I look forward to seeing you all after the holidays!


Miss Farrar :D

Week 6
Friday 16th October

It was such a pleasure to speak to parents this week and share information about how fabulous year 5 are! It also gave me the chance to reflect upon how much we’ve learnt this half term as well as how hard we’ve worked - I am one very proud teacher.


This week, as always, we’ve been very busy and have consolidated many of our topics.


In History, we completed our Tudors topic by answering our big question ‘How did Henry VIII change British history?’. Once again, we shared many interesting facts and discussed how Henry VIII founded the Royal Navy and created the Church of England. We also discussed the influence that Henry’s daughter (Queen Elizabeth) had on women’s rights, which then led to the introduction of feminism.


In maths, we looked at numbers including multiples, factors and prime numbers. Ask the children the difference between multiples and factors! Can they give you any top tips about how to remember prime numbers?


In science, we consolidated our knowledge of life cycles. We created our own nature documentaries, comparing the life cycles of mammals, birds, amphibians and plants and discussed similarities and differences. The children produced some great documentaries -check them out in the gallery below!

We were also thrilled to find that 3 of our cuttings have developed roots. We can now plant our cuttings and nurture our very own mint plant.


Next week, we are spending time catching up on learning from Year 4 Summer Term. We also have a Commando Joe Mission and Forest school – how exciting. See you all next week!

Week 5
Friday 9th October

We have learnt a lot in year 5 this week! 




We continued exploring a range of literary devices in English , using ‘Eye of the Storm’ as our hook. We wrote our own flashbacks, learnt about time adverbials and finished the week by creating  a setting description which included pathetic fallacy and personification. The children came up with some fantastic ideas. Check them out in the gallery below.




We’ve had a brain buster of a week in maths, working through a variety of multi step reasoning and problem solving questions relating to addition and subtraction. Year 5 love a challenge! 



In science, we created an advert , inviting people to make a donation towards the ‘Jane Goodall Institute’. We explored her work with chimpanzees and learnt about how she revealed amazing facts about them: such as their ability to form bonds and human like emotions. Ask the children why our chimpanzees are becoming endangered! 




We are thoroughly enjoying our Tudors topic this half term and are learning lots about Henry VIII and his six wives! I really enjoy hearing the additional facts that children bring to the classroom. This week, we made our own Tudor roses and wrote about why King Henry had so many wives. 







This week, we researched Judaism. We learnt about why and how Jews celebrate Passover. We talked lots about traditions practised during Passover. The children loved listening to the traditional Jewish song ‘The Shalom’. Ask them to name some more of the traditions! 


Enjoy your well earned rest Year 5 - I look forward to another action packed week come Monday! 


Week 4
Friday 2nd October

We’ve had another fabulous week in Year 5!



In English, we’ve really enjoyed producing character and setting descriptions based on the story ‘The Eye of the Storm’. We included literary features such as ‘show not tell’, ‘powerful adjectives’, expanded noun phrases and detailed descriptions of senses to let the reader know what was happening without actually telling them. We also learned how to use semi colons and discussed the impact they have on our writing. The level of work produced by the children was fantastic: here’s an example below.


‘‘At the back of a dark, grimy room, a fire crackled and popped.  The cogs turned and created a roaring, raging fire, ready to gobble up an innocent town below. The mysterious human threw a neon green liquid (tightly stored in a crystal jar) into the fire. The dancing flames exploded into an emerald green nightmare’’.



We explored texture in art this week. We researched famous artist Joseph Turner (also known as the painter of light) before exploring Forest School in search for a variety of objects with different textures.



The highlight of our week was the consolidation of our RE topic ‘Ourselves’, where we discussed how we can use our qualities to do as God wants us to do and follow in his footsteps. We created our own Litanies (a call and response prayer) thanking God for our qualities and the things they enable us to do. As always, we marked the end of our topic with a liturgy which was planned and led by the children.  




Another week of hard work is over. I wish everyone a lovely, relaxing weekend!


Week 3
Friday 25th September

What a busy week we’ve had in Year 5!



In English, we wrote our expositions in response to our Prime Minister’s decision to ban mobile phones for children and came up with several counterarguments to points he raised. If he ever decides to go ahead with this decision, he’ll definitely have a fight on his hands!



We are lucky enough to have NUFC coaches join us for PE this half term, where we get professional training in hockey skills. This week, we practised dribbling and defense. Year 5 were very competitive when applying these skills in mini games!


Forest School

The highlight of our week was when Miss Owens visited us and invited us to take part in forest school activities. Although it was raining, it didn’t put us off, as we were all ready and raring to go in our wellies and rain macs! We were given the task of identifying a variety of different trees around the school, by examining leaves, bark and seeds. Ask the children which ones they found!



In art, we produced some beautiful landscape drawings and paintings of the Lake District. Some of us created a ‘realistic’ piece, whilst others chose to create abstract. Some of us chose to use tone for effect. Check out the pictures below!



In science, we have been learning all about the reproduction of plants as part of our ‘Living Things’ topic this half term. After learning about asexual reproduction, we took our own cuttings. We expect some cuttings to form roots which we can then plant and watch grow.



Finally, in RE, we discussed how our qualities and talents lead us to live our life in a certain way, the way that God wants us to live. We talked about how sometimes, people find courage to fight for a good cause and that they make sacrifices to help others, just as Jesus did. We researched some famous martyrs and wrote a fact file on Maximilian Kolbe. Everybody was really interested to learn about the sacrifices Kolbe made to help others imprisoned at Auschwitz  in 1941.


Year 5 turn up with a smile and an enthusiastic approach to learning every day and make the classroom a great place to be. I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next week!


Welcome to Year 5!

Year 5 have had a great second week back and despite the unusual circumstances, they have got off to a flying start!


The highlight of this week has been our work around persuasive texts. We became immersed in debate in response to a letter from Boris Johnson and I was amazed to see how engaged the children were in presenting their ideas for and against the use of mobile phones. I didn’t realise how strongly they felt around this issue! We then looked at the features of persuasive writing in preparation for writing our own exposition to send to Boris next week. Year 5 really enjoyed finding out the definition of each feature and providing their own examples – a fantastic start to the year!

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