Year 6

Friday 16 October
In art this term, Year 6 have been exploring a range of sketching techniques. Whilst doing this, they have examined artwork by Geoff Nutkin and have started to use sketching techniques in the style of Geoff Nutkin.
Friday 9 October
Year 6 have had another busy week! We have particularly worked hard in maths over the past few days as we begin to grasp the method for long division. Some children found it tricky and so I will put a video on Teams over the weekend if they wish to practise at home. 
Today was 'Brighten up the Harvest' day and I was very impressed with the range of colours that brightened our classroom... thank you for making a great effort. We started our Friday with some PE assessments.. Mrs Binney had fun making slo-mo videos while we worked hard!
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Friday 2 October


Calm Down!

In RHE this week, we explored different emotions we may experience or have experiences as a result of Coronavirus or everyday life. We focused particularly on anxiety, discussing how it feels different to different people and how it can effect day to day activities. We discussed how anxiety might make you feel, think and act. To help us cope with these feelings, we explored different coping strategies to help keep our bodies calm and relaxed. We made a ‘calm down’ dice which will help us when we feel stressed, anxious or worried.

Friday 25 September
Happy Friday!
Year 6 have had a fantastic week filled with fun. On Wednesday afternoon we spent time with Miss Owens and Mrs Binney in the forest school area. We were given a very basic outline of the area and a tree identification sheet. Our task was to identify the different trees and add them to our map. If we weren't sure what type of tree it was then we kept a leaf and did some research to find out. Even though it was a very rainy afternoon, it didn't dampen our spirits!
On Thursday morning we had a computing workshop via video link with Chris from RGS. We spent the entire morning using Scratch to create and program our very own Pacman game. Some parts were quite tricky but we worked together to solve the bugs that occurred. 
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Friday 18 September
Year 6 are lucky enough to have NUFC coaches come into school to teach hockey this half term. This week we practised how to control the ball by passing the ball to a partner through 'gates.' We then developed our skills by moving around the pitch - communication with our partner was vital. At the end of the lesson we played small games (2 vs 2) and gained points for every goal we scored as well as every pass we made.
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