We follow the National Curriculum 2014 for all subjects.
You can find out more about our school curriculum by exploring each subject area under each subject heading.
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In order to achieve our vision for each individual child we need to have a shared and agreed understanding of what constitutes effective provision for learning and teaching.

Overarching principles for learning and teaching

  1. We set high expectations for each child and demonstrate a commitment to their success, making them feel included, valued and secure.
  2. We are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for disabled pupils, staff and all those using the school and receiving services from the school.   We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which disabled pupils participate fully in school life.  The achievement of disabled pupils will be monitored and we will use this data to raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching. (See Disability Equality Scheme).
  3. We structure and pace the learning experience to make it challenging, relevant and enjoyable.
  4. We use a range of teaching methods and approaches based on the needs of the children and their learning preferences. Practical and first hand experiences are a key aspect.
  5. We seek to make children active partners in their learning, taking account of their existing knowledge and experience, tailoring provision to meet their needs, and using assessment for learning to help them evaluate their work and reflect on how they learn. Assessment for learning also informs our planning and practice.
  6. We develop learning skills which include the ability to think systematically, manage information, learn from others and help others learn.
  7. We develop personal qualities including confidence, self discipline, perseverance, consideration and respect.
  8. We ensure that our lessons: are tightly focused with sharp objectives; have high levels of pupil interaction and engagement; include lots of speaking and listening opportunities.
  9. All children have a right to meaningful praise and encouragement in line with our ‘Footsteps’ behaviour system.

We follow the 2014 National Curriuclum and subjects are assessed in line with the new objectives. 

The core subjects in school are R.E, English, Maths and Science. The remaining subjecs are foundation subjects.

The information below explains National Curriculum coverage in individual subjects and current changes to the assessment system.

We enhance our curriculum by providing specialist days, MADD weeks, Good Friend Day etc
Specific information is included for each year group:

Curriculum Plans – what is being taught over the full year

Curriculum Newsletters – explains key dates for each term

Homework  - homework days for each subject