Charging and Remission Policy


We want every person to feel valued and valuable. This applies when we are considering the costs involved in any activity connected with the school.


The school, through the Headteacher, may charge for activities that are deemed extra to the school curriculum and are not related in whole or in part of the National Curriculum e.g. full or partial costs of residential trips outside school hours.

Musical Activities

We are fortunate that the Newcastle Music Service use their excellent music skills in our school to deliver a strong creative musical curriculum. We provide music workshops to children in Key Stage 1, African Drumming to children in Lower Key Stage 2 and trumpet and ukulele in Upper Key stage 2. Further music tuition including guitar, clarinet and saxophone is offered through NEMCO (North East Music Co-operative). These activities are charged for and arranged for families independently.

Breakages and Fines

Parents may be asked at times to pay for the cost of replacement or repair where damage or loss is considered to be the pupil’s fault.

Voluntary Contributions

Parents will be invited to make a voluntary contribution for any activity taking place inside or outside of school hours providing it is made clear that failure to contribute will not affect the pupils’ right to take part in any activity. The types of activities for which parents may be asked to provide a voluntary contribution are:

  •         Swimming
  •         School trips or visits
  •         Transport costs
  •         Ingredients for cookery
  •         Plays or performances within school.

(This list only provides examples it is not complete)

The school reserves the right to cancel an event or trip if sufficient voluntary contributions are not received.


From time to time, some children may be unable to afford to pay in full or in part for an activity inside or outside of school hours. The Headteacher reserves the right to waive charges if he/she feels it may cause undue financial burden on any given family.


We firmly believe that we should be supporting every child to achieve their full potential, socially, physically, morally, educationally and providing additional activities is an important aspect of this. Within the current climate of restricted funding for schools the contributions made by parents towards these activities is vital to them continuing. We will continue to make charges and ask for voluntary contributions where appropriate always taking care that this is done sensitively. 

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