Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Class Blog! 
This will keep you updated with everything we have been up to in class and we will share some wonderful photos of us having fun! 
Thursday 14th October
Thursday 7th October
What a busy week we have had! 
On Monday, we were disturbed by a mess left in our role play area! 
There were crumbs and Tim the caretaker had cordoned off the area. We had great discussions around why they were there and who may have left the crumbs behind. Some suggestions were Poppy, a mouse, a fox or someone having a party - it certainly wasn't me!  
Can you tell a grown up who you predicted it was? 
We then found a sign in our class room telling us to head to forest school, we were all very excited to find the clues!  We discovered many different clues but, we decided that it must have been the gingerbread man as the clues were all different parts of his story.
We have been writing instructions with time conjunctions and prepositions to help him this week as he wrote us two letters asking for our help in escaping the old lady trying to eat him! 
Hopefully, next week he writes to us again to let us know if he managed to get away! 
Miss Bell :)
Thursday 23rd September
This week we have enjoyed looking at our new narrative topic in English. We explored and predicted events in 'Little Red Riding Hood' before we read our new story. We then created a story map of Little Red's journey and we will be writing some character descriptions soon too!
In Science, our topic is 'Seasons' so we have been focusing on the weather and how it changes during the year. This week, we looked at the weather outside and set up our own rain gauge and wind vane in the yard to track the weather conditions over the week - there has not been much rain for a while now so our rain gauge is rather dry! 
Can you tell a grown up what season we are in and how you know? 
In History this week, we looked at Victorian Hospitals and recapped some details about Florence Nightingale's work. We explored what hospitals were like before she made changes during the Crimean War and couldn't believe some of the conditions!
Can you tell a grown up what hospitals used to be like in the Victorian times? 

Starting this week, the Mini Vinnies are collecting for CAFOD's Harvest Festival.
Thank you to those who have already brought in food donations! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 16th September
We have had another great week in Year 1!
In English we have focused on lists, labels and captions. We enjoyed labelling some body parts on Miss Bell, Elsa and Superman in class. We wrote down lists of the ingredients and equipment needed to make jam sandwiches and made some ourselves!
It was a lovely treat to take outside on the yard at break time! 
In Maths, we have looked at different pictorial representations of numbers and wrote these out in numerals and words. 
Can you tell your grown ups what a numeral is? 
In Humanities, we looked closer at why Florence Nightingale was significant for nursing and wrote down the different things she did to make hospitals better.
Can you remember why she was called the lady with the lamp? 

Have a great weekend, well done for working hard! 

Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 9th September
I cannot believe we are almost at the end of our first half term already! 
This week we have been very very busy! We received more letters from our Gingerbread man and we wrote our final set of instructions to help him escape the old lady! 
In history, we explored last weeks lesson on Mary Seacole and then compared her work and life to Florence Nightingale. We were very good and recalling facts. 
Can you tell an adult at home a fun fact about Mary or Florence? 
In Art, we created our final piece for our Giuseppe Arcimboldo topic trying to draw a pepper. We also had our Commando Joe's Day today and it was fantastic! 
We began with a scavenger hunt around school looking for clues. Then we completed Mission 1 - Helping Jack gather resources needed to grow the beanstalk. After lunch we completed Mission 2 - Collecting treasure whilst not waking the scary giant.
We have all had a fantastic week :)
Well done Year 1!
We have had a great start to Year 1 this week and worked really well to follow some new routines for Key Stage 1. 
We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring our new classroom surroundings. 
the role play 'Hospital' area has been particularly popular and it links to our Humanities topic 'Victorian Nurses'.
I can't wait to see what we get up to next week...
Miss Bell :) 

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