Year 3

Mesmorising MADD Week
Here are a selection of quotes from our pupils regarding our MADD Week:
This week, we have been doing art in MADD week.
We drew and decorated sunflowers and attached our beautiful busy bees in the foreground.
We firstly learned about our chosen artist - Gustav Klimt.
He was born on the 14th July in 1862. He painted murals and used a lot of symbolism.
We experimented with lots of techniques, colours and patterns for our final piece.
We mixed primary colours to make secondary colours (purple, green and orange).
We loved painting and really enjoyed painting our super sunflowers.
We had to be really careful with stippling our bees because we didn't want to mix yellow and black.
We enjoyed finishing off our beautiful sunflower and bee pictures. They looked great!
Commando Joe's Day!
Last week, Year 3 had their Commando Joe's Day! It was an amazing day where the children had to use skills that we don't always get the opportunity to practise everyday. Some of these skills we talked about in class (e.g. resilience, empathy and teamwork).
The children had an amazing attitude and a great day was had by all of us! Roll on the next Commando Joe's soldiers are ready!
-Mrs Kelly
Amazing Observational Artists!
In Art this half term, the children are working up to observational art in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci! The children have been researching what kind of art and painting he did so that they can plan their own amazing master pieces!

We finally wrote our own persuasive adverts! The children had amazing ideas about what and how to sell their products. We used features such as: rhetorical questions, power of three and exaggeration to ensure we made a profit!
We also had some children joining in with our Collective Worship and reading bidding prayers in front of the whole of Key Stage 2! It was very brave and they were such loud and proud readers. Well done Year 3.
-Mrs Kelly
PE Prodigies
I have been so impressed with the level of competition, the enthusiasm and the excitement from Year 3 so far this term!
In PE this half term we are working on FUNdamental movement skills (like hopping and jumping) with our coach, Rob. We are also putting this into practise through bench ball. The children have learned the rules so quickly and play together already so well as a team.
On Wednesdays, we are working on Outdoor Adventurous Activity. This means working outside on our team work and communication skills. The games we played this week included 'dragons' and hide and seek! We have to take turns, give clear instructions and make sure we don't speak over each other in order to be successful.
Keep up the great work!
-Mrs Kelly
Welcome to Year 3!
I have had such a fantastic week meeting the new Year 3 students! The step up to Key Stage 2 is not always an easy one but the children have settled in amazingly and already produced some fantastic work. In RE, we have talked about what makes a house a home and how we can welcome others and always be friendly and kind. The children produced some beautiful art using key words from 'Romans' and some colourful pictures.
In Computing, we have started to learn all about e-safety; how to be a sensible digital citizen is so important for the children to know as we grow older and access more and more on the internet. Ask your children what the already know about keeping safe online.
Thanks for a great week Year 3!
-Mrs Kelly

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