Year 4

Friday 14th May
Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This week, we have spent time promoting and encouraging us to talk about our well-being. We have read some lovely well-being books each day and explored the feelings that people sometimes feel and what we can do when we feel these certain emotions. On Friday, we watched videos, played games and had discussions about how our feelings have changed throughout the pandemic. We also spent time decorating our ‘Emotion Explosion’ box. This is a place where we can write about how we are feeling and share it with our class teacher. As the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is based on Nature and exploring the outdoors, we enjoyed some time outside doing meditation and running our daily-miles.


As May is the month of Mary, we also spent some time in the forest school area reflecting on the week we have had and saying some personal prayers to Mary. We enjoyed our Collective Worship with Year 3 on Thursday, listening to readings and praying to Mary. 

Friday 7th May 

Number day!


This week, we have celebrated number day. We had lots of competitions running across school which we had lots of fun competing in. We designed our own number t-shirt using a range of manipulatives and worked collaboratively to solve multi-step word problems involving the four-operations. This afternoon, we completed a scavenger hunt and searched for clues around the classroom. When we found all the clues, we raced to the forest school area to find Buddy. We hope we won the race against the other classes!

Friday 30th April
Commando Joe's

We’ve had a very exciting week this week as we had our Commando Joe’s day on Monday! We split up into Viking tribes and had a fantastic day completing our challenging missions. In English, we wrote a letter to our family members explaining that we had been called on multiple, challenging missions to complete. In the afternoon, we embarked upon our adventures over the wild waves and ensured that no one was left behind. Throughout the day, we developed key skills including: team work, resilience, empathy, collaboration and self-awareness.


We had great fun and look forward to our next mission!

Friday 23rd April

Welcome to Summer term!


What a lovely week back to school it has been with the glorious sunshine! This week in English, we have started our new topic focusing on non-chronological reports. The children explored a range of texts and discussed their features. We then researched information about our local area to inform our own information leaflets which we will be writing next week. In Maths, we have been revisiting and consolidating our knowledge of place value objectives by applying our fluency understanding to problem-solving and reasoning questions. The children have been solving problems involving rounding, negative numbers and partitioning.   


In R.E, we have been continuing our topic developing our knowledge about Lent and Easter. We learnt about the importance of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum and discussed the links between scripture and what we see during Easter Masses today. In P.E this term, we are lucky enough to have an NUFC coach teaching the Year 4’s football skills. The children had great fun on Tuesday developing both their teamwork and defending skills. In History, we have started our new topic, ‘The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons’. We recalled our previous knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons and then ordered events on a timeline to develop our understanding of chronology. In Science, we have started our new topic, ‘Animals including humans.’ The children explored the names and functions of our internal organs and explored the similarities and differences of different digestive systems. This afternoon, we really enjoyed singing in rounds outside and recapping numbers to 60 in French.


Well done for your hard work this week Year 4. See you on Monday for our Commando Joe’s Mission!


Miss Thomas

Friday 1st April

This week has been a very special week for us all as we have been recalling the important events that led up to Jesus’ death and resurrection as it is Holy Week. We have been learning about all the Sacrifices that Jesus made and linking this to our own Lenten promises that we have been working on over the past 6 weeks. We have learnt about the importance of kindness, giving and forgiveness especially during this time.


The children have done an amazing job with their Easter egg entries. A lot of thought, creativity and hard work went into creating the eggs and they were eggcellent! We also had lots of fun using the oil pastels and water colours to produce our Easter cards. They are amazing!


Well done for all of your hard work over the past term both at home and at school. Enjoy your Easter break and have a well-deserved rest!


Miss Thomas :) 

Friday 26th March

Today has been such a special day for the Year 4’s as we have celebrated their First Confession. Both Father Bill and Father Jonathon came into school to celebrate this special sacrament with the children. We had such a lovely afternoon celebrating.


To celebrate joining the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust, we enjoyed a special treat at lunchtime today as the ice cream van came to school. We thoroughly enjoyed our Ice-Cream surprise! Thank you Mrs Nealings.

Friday 19th March
We have come to the end of another busy week in Year 4. We have had lots of fun completing our Stormbreak activities this week and it has given us another opportunity to talk about how we have been feeling returning to school. We have also been discussing how our feelings have changed in our R.H.E lesson. We have played some class games to encourage us all to talk about our emotions and we have also read the book, 'My bag of Worries'.
We thoroughly enjoyed getting creative in the forest school area and reminding ourselves of our lenten promises. We made crosses out of the sticks that we found and we placed them around forest school. We then had time for prayer and reflection.
In D.T, we used play dough to practise shaping and designing different styles of bread. We had lots of fun developing our rolling and cutting skills and we even chose the design of bread we would like to make for our final product! 
In Computing, we created animated videos to remind us of the meaning of binary and familiarising ourselves with the different number sequences. In Music, we continued our Samba lessons with the drums and we developed our tennis skills in our P.E lessons. 
We have had lots of fun painting our noses and telling jokes for Red Nose Day!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
See you on Monday.
Friday 12th March

Welcome back Year 4!

It is so lovely to have a full classroom and see all of your smiling faces! We have had a wonderful week catching up with one another and doing some great learning.


Maths: This week in maths, we have recapped how to tell and read the time from both a digital and analogue clock. We have then applied this knowledge to solving problems involving time. We have been converting minutes to hours, hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.


English: We have started a new topic this week focusing on explanation texts. We have explored a range of texts, analysed their features and we have completed our own research ready for next week as we will be writing our very own explanation texts all about the digestion system!


Music: We have had so much fun drumming this week. We followed patterns and then listened to and followed along to the different rhythms. We loved listening to the music!


D.T: We have continued our topic on bread this week and have been evaluating existing products of bread. We really enjoyed trying all the different types of bread to see what features we would like to include in our own final products.


Lent: We have enjoyed our virtual Collective Worship over teams this week and we have recapped upon our Lenten promises in the forest school area. We then joined all of our promises together in a chain to remind us of what we are each striving for during this time.


Well done for our fantastic first week back to school. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!


Miss Thomas

Friday 8th January 
Happy New Year!
During this lockdown, blogs will not be updated weekly while we continue to teach in school and deliver home learning. I hope you understand.
We look forward to welcoming all the children back soon.
Friday 18th December 
I can't believe it is Week 7 already and we only have two days left before we break up for Christmas! Well done for all of your hard work this term.
We have had a very festive week at St Charles' beginning with a visit from Santa who was spreading lots of laughter and Christmas cheer. On Tuesday, we wore our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed eating our Christmas dinners with our class in the hall. We then programmed a microbit in our computing session to light up our Christmas decorations. 
On Wednesday, we enjoyed our rainy visit to the forest school area. We sculptured creatures and insects using clay and natural resources from outside. We created owls, squirrels and hedgehogs too! Today was our Christmas party and Year 4 looked fantastic in their Christmas jumpers and party clothes. In the morning, we made Christmas cards and wintery landscapes using paints and this afternoon, we have enjoyed watching the Christmas pantomime, 'Sleeping Beauty' and eating our Christmas treats. We then played lots of socially-distanced party games.
Well done for a fantastic first term in Year 4 everyone. Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year! 
Friday 11th December

We have had a lovely, festive week in Year 4. Over the past half-term in D.T, the children have been planning and designing their pencil cases and on Thursday, we made our product by stitching our beautifully designed pencil cases. We can’t wait to fill them with our pencils and pens!


Earlier on this week, we were joined by Father Jonathon who answered lots of the questions we have about our current R.E topic – Advent. We learnt lots of new facts and enjoyed sharing what we had learnt so far with Father.


We have also been singing our socially-distanced, Christmas carols outside which made us feel very festive. We are looking forward to Ms Owens recording our song. To add to this festive fun, we all arrived to school in our Christmas jumpers and hats today to celebrate Christmas Jumper Day. We created Christmas cards and produced some beautiful, wintery artwork!

Friday 27th November
On Wednesday, Year 4 visited the forest school area. We had so much fun roasting marshmallows on the fire and building obstacle courses. We love our sessions in the forest school area and can't wait for our next visit! 
On Friday, we enjoyed speaking and writing sentences about the pets that we have in French. We also recapped saying our numbers to 40 in French. In Music, we have started to practise singing our Christmas carols. We sang 'The 12 Days of Christmas' and 'Ding Dong Merrily' outside and it made us all feel very festive!
Friday 20th November

On Monday, to begin anti-bullying week, we all wore our odd socks to celebrate that we are all different and unique. Today, we continued to learn all about anti-bullying. We discussed the many ways in which we can prevent bullying and we worked through a range of activities to develop our understanding of how we can stand up for what’s right and what to do if we are feeling worried about a situation.


We have also had a virtual NSPCC assembly whereby we learnt about children’s rights. We discussed what our rights are, the importance of rights and what to do if we are feeling worried about something.

Friday 13th November

It’s been a bit of a strange week this week with many of you completing all of your school work at home. We are missing you all at school and I am so pleased with you all for your hard work both at home and school. Today, we have all loved coming to school in our pyjamas and onesies to celebrate Children in Need.

Homework in Year 4:

Reading: Children should be reading daily and record this in their yellow reading records. Children can record a range of books from home, the school library and the colour band books from school.


Maths: Mathletics is set every Monday and is due the following Monday. Year 4 now have access to Times Table Rockstars (using their previous login details) and Miss Thomas will set challenges each Monday – this will need to be completed by the following Friday.


English (Grammar): This is set via Teams every Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.


English (Spelling): Spellings are stuck into the spelling homework books at the start of each term. Each week, children are to practise the spellings for the week by splitting their page into 6 and writing out their spellings 6 times then applying it to a sentence. This work is set on a Friday and due the following Friday when it will be marked in class.

Friday 6th November

We have had a busy start to Autumn 2 in Year 4. On Tuesday, we began our Holy Communion Programme. We learnt about Gathering and discussed the importance of our names. The children asked Father Jonathon some very interesting questions and we discussed what preparations are involved before Mass. The children all received Holy Communion booklets with activities to complete for the next session so if you have any questions about this, please let me know.


In English, we started the week off with fantastic debates. The children were able to reason through both reasons for and reasons against the chosen subjects and were very reasoned and knowledgeable with their discussions – I was very impressed. We have also explored a range of persuasive texts and have started our own research to help us when writing our own persuasive text next week.

In Maths, we have started our new topic focusing on multiplication and division. So far, we have recalled our times tables facts up to 12 x 12; multiplied numbers by 1 and 0 and multiplied 3 numbers together. As always, we have then applied this knowledge to solve tricky problem-solving and reasoning style questions.


In Geography, we have started our new, exciting topic, ‘Misty Mountains’ where we will be exploring a range of famous mountain landscapes across the world. On Monday, we identified the physical features of a mountain landscape and discussed the benefit and purpose of contour lines found on maps.


On Wednesday, we thoroughly enjoyed making dream-catchers and dens in the forest school area with Miss Owens. We can’t wait until our next visit!


Well done Year 4!


Have a lovely weekend and keep up the great reading,


Miss Thomas

Friday 16th October

Happy Friday Year 4, well done for all of your hard work this week.

In English, we have started to look at a range of instructional writing. We are looking forward to writing out instructions next week focusing on ‘How to make magical potions’. We have worked hard in maths calculating the inverse of operations and estimating calculations in order to check if our calculations are accurate. As always, we have then applied our understanding to help us solve tricky problem-solving and reasoning questions. In History, we have researched all about a significant individual – Boudicca. The children wrote an information text explain why Boudicca led an uprising and why she has been remembered to this day. The children found out some interesting facts and wrote lovely pieces of factual writing.

The children have been very reflective in RHE this week. We have listened to calming music and focused on our breathing. We have also discussed ways in which we can help to alleviate our worries and concerns by communicating with others.

P.S. A very special letter has arrived for Year 4… a mission awaits us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Thomas x

Friday 9th October
I can't believe we have been back at school for 5 weeks! It's flown by as we've had so much fun!
In English, we have written some fantastic adventure stories based upon the fictional classic, Alice in Wonderland. The children created their very own imaginative ending to the classic tale. In Maths, we have developed our arithmetic skills when adding and subtracting 4-digits numbers. We have then applied our knowledge when solving some tricky problem-solving and reasoning questions. In History, the children put themselves in the shoes of the Roman Soldiers and wrote a letter from their perspective to their families discussing how they were feeling, what they had to wear, training, tactics and the structure of the Roman army. They did a fantastic job! 
In R.E, we have started our Judaism topic and learnt all about the Torah. The children explored some readings and were able to explain how to assemble the Torah and how respect is shown towards the Torah. In Science, the children used scientific equipment to explore bugs and mini-beasts in their natural habitat highlighting where the creatures were found and why they were found here. Miss Hammer and the children found lots of woodlice, worms and slugs. In Art, the children learnt all about Pablo Picasso and recreated some of his beautiful artwork - they are lovely pieces of work Y4! 
In RHE, we have discussed the meaning of 'Self-esteem' and identified our favourite qualities about ourselves. A big congratulations to our elected school counsellors and Mini Vinnies' President, we can't wait to see what you do!
Have a fab weekend and I will see you on Monday,
Miss Thomas x
Friday 2nd October

Well done for another great week of learning Y4. You have all worked very hard, producing some lovely pieces of work!


In English, we have started writing our adventure stories using ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as a stimulus. The children have done a great job with their character and setting descriptions using a range of adjectives and fronted adverbials – well done!


In Maths, we have continued with our ‘Place Value’ topic, rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.


In History, the children have explored and researched the different reasons as to why the Romans invaded Britain. We produced some fantastic information sheets!


In R.E, we have come to the end of our topic about people and families. We celebrated our unit of learning with a reflective collective worship in the forest school area.


On Wednesday, the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the forest school area.

Well done Year 4!


Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday,

Miss Thomas

Friday 25th September

This week, Year 4 have worked hard and enjoyed another week of learning.


In English, we have produced some fantastic non-chronological reports about dragons. They have been dragon experts and produced some very descriptive pieces of writing. In Maths, the children have continued learning and applying their place value knowledge to problem-solving and reasoning questions.


In P.E, the children have developed both their hockey and multi-skills. We have also enjoyed our class assemblies and are already bringing in tins of food for Harvest. In Music, we have been reading music and clapping along to the beat of different songs. In RHE, we have discussed how we can show care and love towards friends, family and ourselves. As today is European Language Day, the children compared different languages that are spoken all across Europe.


Well done for a fantastic week of learning. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

Welcome to Year 4!
It has been lovely to get to know all of the children and welcome them back to school. We have had a great first week and the children have impressed me with their great efforts and enthusiasm towards their learning.

We have started our ‘Family’ topic in R.E and the children have enjoyed creating their ‘Family tree’ spiritual art. In RHE, we have discussed what different emotions we feel and how we respond to situations. 


Year 4 have been busy learning all about the Romans and they have created their own timelines. In English, the children have written their very own Kenning poems as well as beginning to write information texts all about dragons…scary! We have also enjoyed our Hockey and multi-skills lessons in P.E.


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for another great week!

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