Year 4


It has been fantastic to get to know all of the children and welcome them back to school. We have had a great first week and the children have impressed me with their effort and enthusiasm towards their learning.

We have started our ‘People’ topic in R.E and the children have enjoyed learning about ‘The family of God in scripture’. In RHE the children have discussed their feelings towards themselves their body and health.

Year 4 have really engaged in their learning about the Romans and a lot of children have brilliant previous knowledge about this. In English, the children have written their very own Kenning poems. We have enjoyed playing Handball and working on our team skills in P.E.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for another week of great learning!


This week children have been engaging with many activities in school! We have had a successful week in maths learning about estimation and the value of our numbers. Some members in the class were very excited that we were estimating with marshmallows (unfortunately for them they stayed in the packet). In our writing we have been exploring ‘Dragonology’ and what it takes to be a Dragonologist. We have been reading Phillip Pullman’s ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ which has captured the children’s attention.

During RE we have been continuing our work on People and have created family trees. Humanities has taken us down the path of The Romans. The children have created colour maps to illustrate the Roman Empire. During science, we explored ‘living things’ which the children have a great knowledge about!

Picasso has been the name on everyone’s lips this week as we have been learning about his life and work. The children are preparing themselves for creative ways to magpie his work.

Year 4 need to keep up their fantastic attitude to learning and keep pushing themselves in everything they do!

Mr Bastow and Mrs McCabe.


Wow! We are on the third week already! This week the children have impressed me with their enthusiasm and giving 110% across all lessons. This needs to continue and carry on in to next week.

In Maths this week the children have been using their knowledge with the value of a digit to help them solve problems. They have compared numbers using pictorial resources and used their problem and reasoning skills to attempt stronger challenges. In English, we have finished our big write on ‘Dragonology’, which has been a great topic and there has been some wonderful vocabulary.

RE has allowed us to look deeper in to the ‘Story of Abraham’ and children have been reflecting how this is similar to their lives. There has been some fantastic discussions as well as, looking through scripture. We have continued out topic of ‘The Romans’ where we have delved deeper into why the Romans invaded Britain.

As a class we have continued to work on our teamwork skills in PE. Children have used ‘Trust’ where we have used blindfolds and completed more challenging obstacle courses. Year 4 have really impressed in their Art as we continue to look at ‘Picasso’ and we have had a go at recreating his work.

Let's see if we can have everyone in next week!

Mr Bastow and Mrs McCabe

Week 4! As the weather has turned, the learning has not stopped! It has been a great week in school! We have started our new genre of, 'Literary Heritage'. Looking at Alice in Wonderland and wanting to write out alternative ending. In Maths, at times, we have worked practically. Most recently, we used lollipop sticks to represent Roman numerals, which the children really engaged with.
As part of our Humanities, we have focused on why Romans invaded Britain. 'Living Things and their Habitats' has encapsulated children's attention as we have been grouping them. In RE we have continued our 'Family' topic where the children have written scripture and completed spiritual art. 
To the end of last week we had a great afternoon at the Macmillan afternoon. Thank you for your donations, this went a long way! We raised £172.84! It was also a special week in school as the children have been able to get democratic and vote for their 'House Captain'.
We hope that next week is as successful as this one and hopefully the weather gets better!
Mr Bastow and Mrs McCabe.
This week the children have really wowed with their sense of enthusiasm and competitiveness. During PE with our coach Rob we have been learning about the functional movements (Like hopping, skipping and jumping). We have been playing bench ball and other team games. 
We have also been taking part in our 'Commando Joe's' day. This has been really well received from the children and we have had a great day! Year 4 will have to not get used to calling me 'staff'. We focused on the explorer 'Levison Wood' and tried to deliver water over a ravine in our mission. The children also worked together in building a waterproof den. Some groups got wetter than others. 
In math's we have also celebrated multiplication day where the children were able to go head to head in a battle of the best. In English we have been finishing off our alternative event in Alice in Wonderland.
We look forward to our trip next week ready to learn more about the Romans!
Have a lovely rest of the week,
Mr Bastow and Mrs McCabe.


Well! What a week it has been for year 4!

We started this week off by going to Segedunum Roman Fort, thank you to all the parents who were involved and put their name forward to be a volunteer. From the day the children learned how houses were built, the methods the romans used to build and live and how they defended their forts. It was a great day and the children engaged fantastically! I was really impressed!

In English children have finished off their big write for Alice in Wonderland, focussing on their alternative endings. In Maths we have been regularly taking part in our 'Maths Meetings' where children discuss Maths in a practical way! All children have engaged and really enjoyed this. I have learned a lot from the children myself.

A great week again and the children need to keep showing resilience in everything they do.

Mr Bastow and Mrs McCabe.

Everyone made it to the last week! I'm sure everyone is ready for a break. The children have been fantastic this term and it has been great getting to know them. 
This week has been fantastic, in English year 4 completed their instructional writing on how to make Felix Felicis. This was linked to our class book Harry Potter. In History we have been studying 'Black History' where we researched and learned why Nelson Mandela was so significant in supporting black lives.
It has also been our 'MADD WEEK' which has been a rewarding experience for all and allowed the children to get creative. We have been focusing on ' Gustav Klimt' a landscape artist. The children have explored patterns, Gustav's work, colour wheels, bees and sunflowers. Year 4 have really engaged in this and they have taken pride in their work!
Mr Bastow and Mrs McCabe

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