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Year 5


Autumn 2 Week 2
Wow what a busy week Year 5 have had! We have started our first week of swimming and everyone was like little fishes to water! 
In Maths Year 5 have been multiplying masters and have been multiplying 4 digits by 1 as well as entering the Sumdog competition online at home. 
In English we have finished writing our non-chronological reports about an Arctic animal of our choosing and after reading everyone's reports I can definitely say I have learnt so many new facts thanks to Year 5's great work!
Tomorrow we are going on a school trip to the Life Centre and experiencing the "Surviving Antarctica" workshop- what an exciting end to the week!
Miss Gledhill



Autumn 2 Week 1


Welcome back year 5! 


This week I have been impressed at everyone’s hard work after having a lovely week off it seems.


In maths this week we have been starting our new topic of multiplication and division. We learned some new terms such as factors, multiples and common multiples. 


In English we started looking at a non-chronological report features and year 5 became teachers for the morning and had to mark and annotate other children’s reports and pick out what was effective and what needed to be improved. 


In science we explored different properties of materials. We started off this week by testing whether materials in the classroom are magnetic. 


Looking forward to a fun week next week with our swimming lessons starting and our school trip! 


Miss Gledhill 

Welcome to Year 5!
It has been a pleasure getting to know all of the children and welcome them into our new year 5 classroom! We have had a busy first week and they have really impressed me with their eagerness and enthusiasm towards learning. 
We have started our topic 'Ourselves' in R.E, which has involved the children learning about their own special talents and unique qualities. The children then drew a self portrait and wrote down the special talents and qualities they would like others to notice. Group discussion allowed everyone to share their individualities and appreciate how we are all different and unique. 
In English we have been looking at Michael Rosen's poems and the children have written their own short poem and we will be performing them by the end of the week. We have also started our History topic the Tudors and have started learning new orienteering skills in P.E.
I hope you all have enjoyed your first week back and have settled back into your school routine! 
Week 2
This week Year 5 have been exploring life cycles in science and looked at the life cycle of amphibians growing from tadpoles all the way to adult frogs.
In maths we have been looking at place value and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000- tricky stuff! But as a class we used our little rhyme to help us remember "0 -4 stay on the floor and 5-9 climb the vine".
In music we looked at crotchets, twin quavers and rests and created our own rhythms on a four beat grid. Everyone then was placed into groups so that they could arrange their rhythms with the rest of their group and give a synchronised performance to the rest of the class!
In History we are studying the Tudors and looked at artefacts from the Tudor times and made predictions of what we thought they possibly were used for before revealing the answer.
Our first full week at school, well done Year 5!
Miss Gledhill
Week 3
This week in year 5 we had lots of fun setting up assault courses with PE equipment using our knowledge of reading maps with a key! 
In English I was extremely proud of year 5 for completing their persuasive letters addressed to Boris Johnson with the purpose of convincing him to not ban mobile phones for under 16 year olds. Year 5 used plenty of persuasive devices to put across a powerful argument such as alliteration, rhetorical questions and statistics. Boris won’t be taking year 5’s phones away any time soon! 
In RHE we discussed as a class the many gifts that our bodies give to us and how important it is to respect the bodies that God has blessed us with. We talked about how we can express emotions using our bodies, show love and the many sports and activities our bodies allow us to do. As a class we then created a mind map of the ways in which we can look after and respect our bodies: self care such as relaxing and having some down time; complimenting ourselves and appreciating our uniqueness; checking in with ourselves and how we are feeling; and making sure we are well dressed/groomed. 
Well done Year 5 for another great week!
Miss Gledhill
Week 4
This week year 5 have been looking at addition and subtraction in maths. I was extremely impressed by everyone’s excellent skills at adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers using the column method. We later explored different ways to figure out addition and subtraction methods mentally. We broke this down later in the week on whiteboards and using base 10 to help us (pictures in album below).
In English we have been looking fictional narratives and year 5 have blown me away their wide variety of impressive adjectives used in their work and I was further impressed by pupils using colons and semi colons in their work too!
In P.E this week year 5 created their own orienteering course in groups and assembled it themselves with the equipment outside. They were then able to try out the assault course for themselves in their groups.
It was world multiplication day this Friday so we did our times table olympics and played a game of times table battles. Lovely to see and hear everyone supporting and cheering each other on!
Great work year 5! Let’s keep up the hard work next week!
Miss Gledhill
Week 5
This week year 5 in English have been continuing their work on their sci-fi fictional narratives. We have been looking at the use of figurative language, including similes, personification and onomatopoeia. We had a go at personify a storm and using pathetic fallacy to reflect the mood of the characters.
In Maths we have been exploring some trickier topics in addition and subtraction and tackled multistep questions . 
In RE we started our next topic which is Judaism and we learnt about Passover and why and how it is celebrated. 
On Wednesday we had our Commando Joe's Day! Once we had our war stripes painted on and all stood to attention, we listened to our first mission: to find the roman numeral clues outside in teams and then figure out the answers to the clues!
Next in English we looked at what makes an effective and successful poetry performance. Then in our teams we all memorised one stanza and planned our performances in front of the rest of class!
Finally we had challenges in the afternoon that built on our communication, listening and teamwork skills! Year 5 took advantage of the lovely weather outside and all the pictures are below! 
I had great fun with you all this week Year 5 and hope you enjoyed it too!
Sergeant Gledhill
Week 6
This week in year 5 we completed our science topic on life cycles by showing off all of the new knowledge we have obtained over the half term. Everyone was split into groups and they had to present their own wildlife television show that would compare the differences and similarities between different lifecycles. Children used venn diagrams and created their own script and I saw some great teamwork between groups!
In P.E year 5 used their map skills to find hidden clues scattered across KS2 playground. They had to solve each clue with their partner and by the end the answers spelled out a word. Year 5 seemed to have great fun running round and using their orienteering skills!
Only one more week to go till the end of our first half term!
Well done Year 5. 
Miss Gledhill 

Thursday 21 October  


Week 7 


This week we have celebrated MADD days. Our topic was nature and we have explored the artist Henri Rousseau.  

To begin with we created a double page spread all about the artist before looking at one of his paintings in detail. We then explored tones of colours using acrylic paint. After this we created a mood board in preparation for our final piece of art which was a nature scene.  


We hope we enjoy all of the art work. Well done to all of the children – we are so proud of all your hard work and effort.  

I hope you all have a fantastic half term break and I look forward to seeing back in school on November 1st.  

Miss Gledhill

Autumn 2 week 3
Well this week in year 5 we have been tackling some tricky multiplication questions- multiplying 4 digits by 2!
In science we have explored electrical insulators and conductors using electrical circuits and testing which materials allowed an electrical current to pass through them and allow the light bulb to light up. 
In English we have been looking at myths and legends and we have taken inspiration from JK Rowling's tale of the 3 brothers. Using figurative language and amazing adjectives, year 5 have created some amazing descriptive pieces of writing!
Well done, Year 5!
Miss Gledhill