Year 6

Thursday 21 October

Week 7


This week we have celebrated MADD days. Our topic was nature and we have explored the artist Henri Rousseau.

To begin with we created a double page spread all about the artist before looking at one of his paintings in detail. We then explored tones of colours using acrylic paint. After this we created a mood board in preparation for our final piece of art which was a nature scene.


We hope you enjoy all of the artwork. Well done to all of the children – we are so proud of all your hard work and effort.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term break and I look forward to seeing back in school on 1 November.

Mrs Bertenshaw


Thursday 14 October

Week 6


On Monday we completed our Commando Joe adventure morning and what great fun we had! The children demonstrated great problem-solving skills and worked well together in teams, showing super perseverance and resilience – well done, everyone!


This week, we have also been busy doing:


Science: In science, we have planned an experiment relating to our Evolution and Inheritance topic. We are looking forward to completing this next week!  

Art: We have been looking at the artist Geoff Nutkins and have evaluated his sketches of World War II planes. We were very impressed with his techniques!

History: This week we have concluded our Ancient Greece topic – why don’t you ask us about the things we have learnt this half term? I am sure we will impress you!  


It’s been a brilliant week – well done, Year 6!  I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

Mrs Bertenshaw

Thursday 7 October

Week 5



This week, we have been busy doing:


English: In English, we have written formal persuasive letters in favour of evacuation. The quality of work has been fantastic and I am impressed with the finished products.  

Maths: We have been consolidating our multiplication skills this week – we are multiple experts! We’re now very confident multiplying a multi-digit number by a 2-digit number.

History: We have learnt about the battle of Marathon this week. Why don’t you ask your child to tell you all about it?


It’s been a super week – well done, Year 6!  

Mrs Bertenshaw


Thursday 30th September

Week 4


We had a very exciting start to our week by finding out our house captains! Well done to all of the children who put themselves forward for this role. I know our elected captains and vice captains will do a superb job!


This week, we have also been busy doing:


English: In English, we have been exploring persuasive writing and have written our own arguments. We have also completed drama activities where we had to argue for and against evacuation.  


Art: We have been working on our sketching skills in art this week. We were introduced to a super video which taught us different sketching techniques. If you want to have a go yourself then the link is below.


RE: We have concluded our first RE unit for the year and have celebrated with a class collective worship.


It’s been a super week – well done, Year 6!  

Mrs Bertenshaw

Thursday 23rd September

Week 3


What an amazing week it has been in Year 6 this week! Here’s what we’ve been doing:


Maths: This week we have recapped the rules of rounding and have rounded numbers to any degree of accuracy. We have also explored negative numbers within the context of real life. Well done for all of your hard work in maths this week, Year 6.


English: In English, we have started writing our flashback based on ‘The Piano’. The description and language used by the children has blown me away! I can’t wait to read the finished pieces and I hope the children share their ideas with you at home too.


PE: We are completing our Outdoor Adventurous Activity unit in PE this half term and this week saw us working on our problem-solving skills with positivity and perseverance! I was so impressed with the fantastic team work as well as the resilience demonstrated by children.  


Well done for all your hard work, Year 6.


Mrs Bertenshaw

Thursday 16th September

Week 2


Year 6 have had another busy yet fantastic week. Here’s what we’ve been doing:


Maths: In Maths this week, we have been continuing our place value topic. We have been ordering and comparing numbers up to ten million as well as working hard on our arithmetic skills.


English: In English, we have started our exciting new genre of writing: flashbacks. We have watched a short film entitled ‘The Piano’ and have explored the different techniques used in order to convey a particular emotion and atmosphere. We are very much looking forward to writing our own flashback pieces inspired by this stimulus.


History: This week we have continued our topic learning about Ancient Greece and have plotted key events on a timeline. Our knowledge of this topic is super – ask us something about it!


We have also celebrated our new year mass with KS2 this week. It was lovely to be all together and to be joined by Father Jonathon.


Well done for all your hard work, Year 6.


Mrs Bertenshaw

Thursday 9th September

Week 1

Welcome to Year 6!

It has been lovely to get to know all of the children and welcome them back to school. We have had a great first week and the children have impressed me with their efforts and enthusiasm towards their learning.

We have started our ‘Loving’ topic in R.E and the children have enjoyed creating spiritual art. Year 6 have been busy learning about the Ancient Greeks and are excited to discover more about this fascinating period of history. In English, the children have been preparing to write their own poems.


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